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Our Story

Pastor Steven Walker

Steve aka Stevo was born and raised in East St. Louis, Illinois in 1981.  As a young boy Steve’s Aunt would take him and all of his siblings and cousins to church every Sunday.  This is where God would start imparting different things into him.  But as a teenager Steve backslid into a life of rap, gang and selling drugs.  Till one day he started having God encounters and the Lord started speaking in an audible voice to him where he couldn’t run from the call of God anymore!  

In 2004 Steve came back to the Lord and got saved and received the infilling of the Spirit.  In 2010 Steve was ordained into the ministry.  From street ministry to evangelizing,  Steve’s heart is for God and his people to be Created New just like the Lord did for him.

Pastor/Worship Leader Shauna Walker

Shauna grew up singing in church from a little girl.  Both of her grandfathers were pastors and her parents were youth leaders as well.  Shauna attended Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee where she began her major in music education.  But after a few short months and two deaths in her extended family Shauna left Lee University and came back to St. Louis never to finish college or sing in front of anyone again.
 But GOD!  In 2012 the church Shauna was attending had a young lady leading worship.  She started noticing Shauna praising the Lord in the audience and walked up to her and said can you sing?  I’ve been watching you and you look like a singer.  Well the rest is history Shauna started singing back up with the worship team from 2012 till summer of 2020.  In 2019 Shauna’s Pastor called her out and spoke a prophetic word over her life “Shauna I see you standing in front of everyone leading worship.  Holy Ghost said you will be singing and going all over the world”.  Shauna is walking out that calling currently with her and Pastor Steven starting the ministry.

Our Story - EST. 2019

Founders of Created New Ministries- Steven and Shauna Walker met in 2009 at church.  After many years of life, and failed marriages God took them from just being church acquaintance to friends then Husband and Wife in 2019.  
On December 31st, 2019 God spoke to them and said "You work for me now".  On January 1st, 2020 they walked away from everything and haven't looked back.  One thing they have learned on this journey together is what it really means to walk by faith and not by sight!  They are excited to be alive and ministring during this last Glory move of God.

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